Yalancı Subtitulado en Español
Maxi.show / Drama / Yalancı


1-2 series
Duración: 120 minutos
Género: Drama
Año: 2021
Estado: Continúa
In the center of the events of the Turkish TV series "Yalancı" was a simple teacher who lives an unremarkable life and a surgeon who was able to achieve great success in his professional field. The meeting of the main characters of the Turkish TV series, which can be watched in Spanish, happened in an ordinary and banal way, but to some extent there was also romance. Only no one could have foreseen that very soon events would begin to gain a completely unexpected turn and what was happening would begin to turn into a real nightmare. It will come for one of the participants in this drama.

Mehmet Emir is a surgeon and he enjoys great fame. Only the hero of the Turkish TV series "Yalancı" with Spanish subtitles had to endure a great tragedy in his life. His wife died and after that he was forced to take care of the upbringing of his son. The boy goes to high school in primary school. Despite all his busyness, Mehmet tries to devote all his free time to the child and makes sure that the boy does not need anything. His son's teacher was a young and attractive woman named Denise. Mehmet likes her very much, but he just cannot muster the courage to confess his feelings. He understands that he must overcome this fear and try to build a relationship with Denise, because she was also free.

The hero of the Turkish TV series "Yalancı", can be watched online with Spanish subtitles, one day he decides to invite Denise on a date. Together they managed to spend an excellent romantic evening. Only the next day something happens that Mehmet could not have expected. Denise has sued him and is charged with brutal rape. The man cannot believe that this is actually happening to him, and he is shocked. Mehmet does not understand in any way why Denise decided to lie like that, and what purpose she pursues. In the course of the trial, the darkest secrets of Denise and Mehmet, which they so carefully hid from others, begin to be revealed.
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Кликните на изображение чтобы обновить код, если он неразборчив
isa 7 octubre 2021 20:36
ma il 2 episodio di yalanci non l'avete più tradotto? :-((((
Nora (Argentina)
Nora (Argentina) 2 octubre 2021 20:45
El capitulo 2 de Yalanci, pertenece a esta serie ? o pertenece a otra , a cual serie?
Maria 30 septiembre 2021 19:35
Hola, quise mirar el episodio 2 pero el que subieron no pertenece a YALANCI, sino que pertenece a otra serie. 
rac 29 septiembre 2021 21:34
la 2 puntata di yalanci  non è quella che è stata trasmessa venerdì scorso
isa 27 septiembre 2021 23:20
potete mettere la 2 di yalanci per favore
Giovanna 27 septiembre 2021 19:50
Avete tradotto yargi ma ne sono felicissima... Serie top
Elena 27 septiembre 2021 12:23
Avete tradotto la seconda puntata di YARGI, non di YALANCI!

Potete inserire quella corretta ed aggiungere anche la 1 di Yargi?
esperanza cuellar
esperanza cuellar 27 septiembre 2021 06:31
subieron yalanci , capitulo 2 , pero no correponde a es serie ...creo que es el juicio.... error humano, gracias por tanto
patricia 27 septiembre 2021 05:40
Excelente el capitulo de Son Yaz!!!!!!!!!!una de las mejores series del año

Excelente el capitulo de Son Yaz!!!!!una de las mejores serries del año
Isa 26 septiembre 2021 09:52
Quando ci sarà la 2 di yalanci